What happens when someone dies? Have you ever heard of a death doula?

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Series 1 – Crossing Over: 7 things I’ve learned as a Psychic-Medium
Episode 1 – The Breath Tunnel

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Hey everyone, Catherine LLeras here, pronouns are they them theirs. I am a professional psychic and I’m a professional brow artist and this is the channel for both.

Today the topic I’m going to talk about is… what is a breath tunnel.  The tunnel is something that came up for me in a reading when I was doing it for someone, which is where I learned a lot of things… is on the job. And so, what had occurred was I was doing the reading for someone, and what I was being shown in the reading was them, working with people who have crossed over, or who were in the process of crossing over.

And what happened with their, if some people want to call it Soul or whatever.  As it was leaving this body, and when I asked them about what I was being shown, that’s when they revealed to me that they were actually in the process of studying to be a death doula and they worked in a hospice situation or hospice setting. Honestly at the time, I had never heard of a death doula before. I heard of birth doulas but I had never heard of a death doula.  But when she explained to me when she did helping people as they left this body and as they passed, and helping them through comfort through that it made sense to me and I think it’s amazing.

But what I was being shown, is what I call breath tunnel. And what was interesting is that person then validated for me that they had seen that in their experience as well, in helping with people.

So when I say breath tunnel. What I was shown and I do my best to try to explain how I didn’t show it in my head to me, or relay what was, you know I’m hearing in my ear about it and do also know that I close my eyes a lot when I read so sometimes I’ve tried to connect back with my guides, or that happens I get pulled into that.

So just so you know. But so what I was shown with that is that your breath… So we all hear these things were like breath is life. You’re one with your breath. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s how you live. But like a lot of things over time, the meaning can get diluted or the story of it can get changed over time. And so I want to visit on that a little bit because it’s more than just breath is life is what I was shown. It’s that breath is part of your transition out of this life into your next one.

So, I referred to, sometimes the things like yoga and when I’m trying to explain the story because that’s when I will get exposed to a lot when I’ve done yoga classes in the past and they would say, you know, focus on your breath. Breathe in and breathe out, and then excellent. Great practice to do. But, breathe in and sometimes they’d say breathe in light and exhale out, worries, I don’t know, depending on who is doing it.

And so when I breathe in and when I do a focus when I’m doing readings I do what is just basically like my protective barrier that I use that I do conscientious of only my guides and guardians, and the person that I’m reading for their guides the guardians are allowed within that shield of mine. So that I can safely step out of this world into that world that I know I’m protected. And so, that breath. When I do that, I blow out my breath. And I visualize that protective shield around me, which some people, I’ve heard refer to that as like your white light. Okay. Some people, if you think about like days of old, like I think like Renaissance diesel whatever he cooks they walk around with and so those are actual like physical barriers that, you know, have been used by people throughout time so you know there’s physical and energetic barriers that help people put that shield around them and I always say whatever works for you is the right thing. Your practice may not work for me mine may not work for you. The important thing is that you’re doing it, but what I got expanded on in this reading and what I learned because that’s often what happens to me in readings I get something new, almost every single time. And that makes sense because

this much of this role than that. But what they showed me how important that breath is is because it’s not just solely for life here, it’s for life outside of here, and what they showed me is that when you, if you can get yourself were so automatically connected to your breath and it’s your protection and you’re, you’re shielding with it. When you’re breathing your last physical breath here. And if you’re focusing on that breath being part of your shield. What happens when you’re crossing over, is that they showed me that breath, actually making a protective tunnel that was part of like your transport between worlds, because if you remember what I mentioned earlier and things like that I’m going to say right now, they’re going to bounce over different videos all the time because these things are always hitting back on each other. But you heard me say earlier I put a shield around me when I read, because I need to make sure I’m protected and safe I’m doing things and sometimes it’s a different concept for people because they think I don’t get it, love in life. Isn’t that all good. And the best way you didn’t tell people is,

one’s gonna do that everything’s all good out there either, and it’d be the equivalent of, you know, living recklessly free and not protecting yourself here as the same as out there. Okay, so when we transition between roles in using that breath as a breath. Breathing in and using our last breath, increase that safe passageway when they actually walk through I walked with someone for part of it through only Loper because I wasn’t my to go through, but enough that they can show me, and it was like it was that connection tunnel. If, if you want to add like a direct a direct flight. And so, all this stuff was still on the outside like all kinds of things like different people feel like different like planes or different like frequencies are yours is or whatever. Yeah, it’s all out there. So it helps you see didn’t have to go through all of this stuff to get to your end destination. And so that you’re able to do it in a safe passage way, and protected in that your guides and your guardians or with their wiki protected protecting you, while you got there in getting you to what some people call it the other side, whatever that other side is for you and these are other things I’ll talk about other videos and things that have been shown. But, so, I call it the breath tunnel, And if you can give a conscious understanding of that now. And it’s easier to talk about it and that being in the situation is scary. I get that I get that it’s scary for people when they’re passing or they’re with someone who’s passing, or it’s on the horizon for them.

But if you have an awareness of it now, it’s a gift that’ll help you, so it isn’t so scary in such a struggle. When the moment comes for you, because if you can use that breath, and you use it as part of your shield part of your aura aura. Let’s different terms mean the same thing, heads up everyone. When you’re crossing over that breath in that protection shield can create that rough tunnel for you. That is your safe passageway to where you’re going and just makes it so that it’s less confusing, and you’re really protected well and you’re able to get where you want to go much, much quicker and sooner, and less fearful honestly. So some people will naturally fall into that when they pass and some people may fight it or struggle or, or be scared, so it’s nice if you can catch that breath. Ride with it. When the time comes, or if we can help someone to catch that breath and when their time comes. That’s just a little bit of one of the millions of things I’ve been shown, and let me know if you’ve had experience with the same thing at all or what kind of thoughts that brings for you. All right, take care. Thanks for watching. If you’d like more psychic or bra related content, be sure to comment and let me know. Otherwise I’ll see you next time. Take care.

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