Psychic Therapy Can Result In Profound Transformation


Most people seek out psychic readings for one of the following reasons:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Shortcuts

In truth, it takes a lot of very specific kind of training to be a psychic therapist. It also takes dedication and training to become a skilled professional psychic reader. They are two different skill sets.

Individuals participating in a Psychic Therapy session with the belief that “the answers will just be given to them” will be sorely disappointed. In the scope of psychic therapy, this is considered a shortcut and would do nothing to further your Soul progression.

Remember this. The purpose of psychic therapy is to nurture your state of being. This is done through Spiritual Guidance. This allows you to create an alignment with the self. The ultimate goal is to find what you seek within you. This is a process of nudging you in the direction you must grow as a person and as a Soul.


A psychic medium is also different from a psychic reader. A reader uses their extrasensory perception to acquire information from metaphysical energy. This form of metaphysical practice for people who do this type of energy work requires the most interpretation from the  practitioner.

A psychic medium is able to communicate very directly with metaphysical entities.  Although there is some interpretation involved, it is significantly less.

Those entities could be your Guides. They could be your Guardians They could be your Angels. They could also be loved ones that have passed (including animals).

However, they can also communicate with people who are very much alive. This is because a psychic medium is communicating Spirit to Spirit. Depending on the skill set of the practitioner, a psychic medium may be able to communicate with an individual in a coma or living with dementia in ways that the general public cannot.

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I believe in influencing change, not in forcing judgement on others.

~Catherine LLeras

Psychic Therapist, RPT & Spirit Channeler

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The world needs more Love. You can choose to be the Cause or the Solution.

~Catherine LLeras

Psychic Therapist, RPT & Spirit Channeler

  • Approximately 145,000 US citizens retain services of a psychic for consultation purposes for at least one year.
  • Roughly 28% of men who regularly consult a psychic for business or relationship matters would recommend that their colleagues do the same.
  • Roughly 69% of women who regularly consult a psychic for business or relationship matters would recommend that their colleagues do the same.
  • Nearly half of individuals who consult with a psychic regularly do so for business related matters.
  • Average earnings of both men and women who consult a psychic regularly for business matters earns 6+ figures a year.


Psychic therapy does not happen without spiritual guidance. On the other hand, not every psychic is equipped to provide that spiritual guidance.

Just like any other skill, this type of work has to be developed – no matter how intuitively it seems to come. Therapy work is a skill and study on its own and cannot be delivered with a 10 minute reading. Nor can it be delivered in an environment full of distractions.

For the process of therapy to work (even on the metaphysical level) there must be a processing that occurs in your Soul. Receiving an answer and feeling better about it is not therapy. It’s not beneficial in the long run. There must be an adjustment of the Soul that for one to experience long-term benefit.

We encourage you to do your research to determine which type is more appropriate for you.