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Psychic sessions involve a variety of skill-sets depending on the practitioner with whom you work.  Though tools and techniques might differ between each practitioner, our psychic practioners all have a common goal – to use their skills to help you acquire insight and spiritual growth as you manuever through this life’s journey.

As therapeutic sessions, the focus is just as much on the delayering of the reasons and influences that surround your circumstance as they are on the answers you seek.  During these sessions, your practitioner serves as the conduit (or messenger) between you and your “Spirit” therapists… your Guides, Guardians, and Angels.

Not only is your pychic practitioner passing on divine insight, but they are helping you to understand and absorb it so that you can avoid being held back by unlearned lessons and take forward steps into your many life purposes.

Psychic Sessions

Psychic Sessions bridge you to your Guides, Guardians, and Angels through your practitioner.  You can gain clarity and insight through these sessions to help you make decisions regarding a variety of different concerns and goals.  Gaining a deeper understanding of who you are and your mission in life is another benefit of having a psychic session.

Psychic-Medium Sessions

When you want to connect with a specific loved one, a Psychic-Medium can help you to do that.  Psychic-Mediums have developed specific skills to call upon and engage with those who have crossed over and can pass messages between the different planes of existence.  Though connecting to any specific person can never be guaranteed (due to their free will and/or readiness), these sessions are especially helpful for moving beyond the grief and pain of such a loss.

Psychic Mediumship - Animal Communication

During Animal Communication sessions, the practitioner connects directly with your pet.  Whether your pet is living or has crossed over the rainbow bridge, this form of communication serves to help you address the “why’s behind your questions concerning behavioral issues, past traumas, health challenges or even the basic needs/requests you might be missing as their guardian.  With these sessions, you can gain insight, peace of mind, closure, and an even stronger connection to your loving pet.

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