Dr. Mel LLeras | Energy Medicine

Phone Consultation | 20 min | Free 

Purpose is to answer general questions and assess whether our services are appropriate.


Initial Evaluation | 2 hours | $325 *Sliding scale program available to a limited number of individuals each month based on gross revenue and number of people in your household. Information provided on your intake form will be automatically reviewed if there are openings available and you will be informed if you qualify.

Purpose is to assess current state of bio-energy activity and health and create a baseline from which to measure progress; collect data to determine a Theory of Treatment Plan to move forward.


We’re doing a several things here.

➢ We are exploring deeper into the information provided in your intake so that we can identify as accurately and specifically as        possible those areas of the subconscious mind where triggers, blocks, and attachments are located.

➢ We are mapping elements of your body’s electrical fields using a specialized camera that allows us to measure the affects of anxiety on various organs and health systems as well as general energy flow through your meridians and chakras.

➢ During the treatment portion, Mel pulls from a variety of tools he has at his disposal.  To give a few examples, he begins with hypnotherapy to take you into a deep state of relaxation so that he can bridge your subconscious to your conscious in preparation for the energy therapy.  This process provides us the clearest access to that area of your subconscious where we can create a change in behavior or construct a state where your sense of self confidence or identity can flourish.

➢ Mel also utilizes advanced medical hypnotherapy techniques to activate stages of accelerated healing in your body.  This is combined with bio-audio therapy – a type of treatment protocol where specific combinations of sound frequency are timed to promote healing, regulate hormones, stabilize emotions, to name a few.

➢ Simultaneously, BMR therapy is being used. This is a device specifically designed to enhance micro-circulation in your body without interrupting our primary therapies.  Adequate blood-flow to all cells in your body during the time of our treatments enhances results significantly, regardless of if your central concern is more related to a physical condition or emotional/mental state.  The entire treatment plan is designed to address your specific needs.

➢ Upon completion, we’ll be able to assess your response to the therapy and advise appropriate next steps.


Though this first session is intensive, most people express having experienced so much more than they expected.  In this session, breakthroughs happen, realizations occur, and experiencing healthy feelings that may not have been felt in some time take place.  The work we do here sets the foundation for what often ends up being, in essence, a transformation.


Standard Sessions | Range from 20 min to 50 min | $35 – $200  Standard session rates, duration, and frequency are determined after the Initial Evaluation and will differ between clients based on needs.


Remote/Video Appointments are provided at the same rates as other appointments. However, an extra 15 minutes is usually necessary for the first time meeting in order to work out technical requirements (such as positioning of camera, lighting, etc.).   To request while booking, simply make the selection for “Video Office” when you are choosing the office location.

Catherine LLeras, R.P.T. | Psychic Therapy

Initial Appointment | 50 min | $125

Purpose is to identify goals, evaluate needs, and assess whether continued sessions are appropriate to help the individual move forward.  This is the appointment where Catherine establishes the initial energetic connection between you so that work can be done on the highest Spiritual level.  You’ll likely be introduce to Robert (Catherine’s main Guide), Liv (The Guide that comes through to help the animals) or Angel (an alien entity that feels like pure love, but wants to be clear that they are not actually an “Angel”).

Catherine’s Guides tend to be very direct in their guidance, but remember that their purpose is to help you grow as well.  Thus, be ready to acknowledge those areas where you need to improve or make adjustments in order to create the desired outcome.  Also, be ready to accept acknowledgement and praise.  Realize that whatever comes up, it’s for a reason and you need to hear it, acknowledge it, and absorb it.


Standard Sessions (Individual and Couples pricing included within this range) | Range from 25 min to 50 min | $75 – $175

Standard session rates, duration, frequency are determined after the Initial Appointment and will differ between clients based on needs.


Remote/Video Appointments are provided at the same rates as other appointments.  To request while booking, simply make the selection for “Video Office” when you are choosing the office location.

Tess Vergara | Strategic Interventionist & Awakening Coach

Phone Consultation | 20 min | Free

Purpose is to answer general questions and assess whether services are appropriate.


Get Unstuck Breakthrough Session Session | 45 min | $150

Purpose is to explore your current state of conscious awareness to identify those areas within your subconscious where your deepest blocks and triggers sit and create a path to overcome those challenges and experience the life and reality you are here to live.

This style of coaching evaluation is designed to help you take those first steps to feeling balance, peaceful, connected, and aligned.  They are your first steps with us to feeling “right” again.  During this session, Tess will work with you to unveil any self-deceptions, unleash your power, and connect deeply to your truth.  Together, you will discover the top 3 places where you are are feeling empty, torn or conflicted and you’ll leave the call feeling clear and empowered with new ideas and strategies regarding how to fulfill and create what you deeply desire in your life.


Get Unstuck Breakthrough Session Session + DISC Assessment | Approx. 15 min of your own time to complete DISC Assessment online plus 90 min Coaching | $250

The DISC test is a behavioral assessment tool that allows us to tap into those elements of your behavior that can be used to blow open the doors to your highest and fullest potential.  DISC + 90 minute breakthrough session is a powerful deep dive to fully discover, explore and align with your unique and unparalleled soul signature that can never be replicated. Your DISC profile will reveal your hidden personality traits and subconscious drivers that will help you best achieve your soul-aligned financial, relationship, and/or health goals.  You’ll finally activate your shift into success, happiness, vitality, and soul fulfillment.

After taking this assessment, simply schedule a 90 min appointment with Tess for your initial coaching session and you’ll be well on your way to changing your life forever.


Remote/Video Appointments: All appointments are delivered via phone or video call.


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  3. Cash
  4. Wire Transfers
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*Note: We do not keep cash in the office.  Nor do our practitioners who make house calls carry cash.  Thus, we are unable to make change.



We offer financing for services and/or product purchases expected to exceed $1,000.  Click here to pre-qualify without affecting your credit score.