Energy Medicine & Hypnotherapy

Consultation with Mel

* Required for first time clients seeking to work with Mel. Purpose: To determine whether you may be a good candidate for the type of therapies and treatments Mel provides. To familiarize you with how a video session would work. **Note if you request a phone appointment instead of a video appointment, disregard the instructions for setting up your video camera. How should you prepare: Familiarize yourself with Mel by visiting his bio page. Download the free Skype app for your computer or mobile device. Send a brief chat message to Mel through Skype so that he has you in his contact list and to confirm that the Skype connection is made.  The message can be as simple as, “Hello.”  You can find Mel on Skype by searching for any of the following:  EMAIL:; PHONE: 6124309385; SKYPE NAME: mel_5176 OPTIONAL: Use a pair of earbuds during the call to reduce noise and/or echo. If you are using a mobile device, consider having a stand or some other way to prop the device so that you’re not having to hold it during the entire conversation. How it works:  Mel will video call you thru Skype at the time of your scheduled appointment. It’s very similar to receiving a phone call. Be sure to have the app open AND be logged in so that you don’t miss the call. Once you see the incoming call, simply click the green video camera icon that appears on the screen.