Morning Meditation

Based on the 5 Principles of Reiki

By Dr. Mikao Usui



Start each session with 3 intentional breaths. Then move through the 5 principles with intent and care.

I. Just for today, I release angry thoughts and feelings.

Anger – whether at oneself or others, creates serious blockages in flow of energy that can severely impact our health.

Though Reiki is an excellent tool to remove anger blockages which have accumulated in the body over years, it cannot remove the residue of current anger which occurs daily.

Letting go of anger brings peace to the mind.

During this prayer, focus your thoughts onto the last 24 hours. Notice any moments of anger and do your best to perceive the energy in the way that you are able to recognize it best…to experience its familiarity. Allow yourself to realize that this anger comes from inside of you, not from the circumstance which occurred outside of you. Although that emotion may have been triggered by another individual or other circumstance, it could only surface if it was already present.

Use your breaths to exhale the active angry energy out of your space until you feel only peace.

II. Just for today, I release thoughts of worry.

While anger is associated with the events of past and present, worry is about the future. One tends to notice that when anger is present, energy flow tends to be directed to a specific area. When working with the emotion of worry, the tendency is for the energy to encompass the entirety of the body.

Letting go of worry brings healing to the body.

Repeat the same process as you have just done with anger. Recall any moments in which you engaged in worry. With each full cycle of breath, allow energy of worry to transcend in to energy of comfort and healing.

III. Just for today, I am grateful for my many blessings.

Have gratitude. Not just a passing thanks or a fleeting thought. Again, allow yourself to perceive and absorb that energy. Connection with intent is important. Give thanks. Offer forgiveness. Do it with authenticity.

Being thankful brings joy to the Spirit.

Visualize or imagine and feel the energy of gratitude for each blessing in your life. Take time with this. Absorb this energy.

IV. Just for today, I practice expanding my consciousness.

Support yourself and your family without causing harm to others. Have integrity. Have honor.

Working honestly brings abundance into the Soul.

Visualize or acknowledge each moment over the last 24 hours in which you endeavored to expand your consciousness. Focus on that which was intentional. Realize that which was not.

V. Just for today, I'm gentle with all beings, including myself.

Honor your parents, your teachers, your elders. Honor the animals and nature with whom we share this existence.

Being kind brings love into the will.

Recall the last 24 hours and any moments when you did not honor this principle either with yourself or others. Acknowledge these moments. With each inhale of breath, visualize yourself experiencing these moments again, but with gentleness and compassion. With each exhale, release any guilt or shame associated.