Welcome to the Models Room!

What happens here?

We are often developing new services and products that can be moved from a professional office setting into the homes of our clients.

We typically work directly with people (both in person and remotely) to help them address medical and mental health issues. However, we recognize that not everybody has access to us. That might be for financial reasons or it might be due to their own reliable access to technology. Our goal is to create some sort of delivery system where our unique techniques can be accessible to those who might not otherwise be able to work directly with us.

We have developed a process called the Jierasu Method.  It’s the foundational process from which many of our energy medicine treatments are created. It’s inspired by techniques we use that combine brainwave therapies, hypnotherapies, and energy therapies.  It’s a super powerful form of therapy that allows us to treat both medical and mental health conditions while working with other mental and medical health professionals.

Now, we’re trying to deliver a portion of that method out to individuals who might not be working directly with us.

In the office, we are always at an advantage when compared to any self-administered therapy. This is because we can  identify changes on your physical body as well as in your emotional/mental or energetic states.  Then make adjustments on the fly.

This is important to understand. Your expectations must fall in line with what is reasonable. Though these audios are extremely effective, they are in no way a substitute for working with trained professional. We’ll do our best to communicate well what you can expect with the program.

What's required to participate as a model?

The requirements will vary depending on the program we are developing. In general it will be something like this:

  • A fee (deeply discounted from projected retail price)
  • Your contact information (we don’t share your contact info with anybody, but we do need to be able to communicate with you)
  • A short questionnaire
  • You’ll be provided instructions specific to creating a successful experience/results. You should follow those.
  • You need to respond to feedback requests. The more promptly, the more we appreciate so that work on our end isn’t delayed.


Automatic writing is an old form of divination in which messages seem to come out of nowhere through your hand and onto paper. Some believe it is your higher conscious or divine self that is allowing the process. Others believe they can communicate with Spirit.  It’s considered a very difficult skill to develop.

Regardless of your belief system, this program is created to allow you to enter the process of auto-writing quickly and easily.


FEE:  $10

Submit the form on this page to apply.  If accepted, you will receive an invoice via email.  This invoice can be paid securely online on your computer or phone. Once that invoice has been paid, we will create a custom audio for you. You’ll receive this audio via email.  We’ll touch base with you afterwards to request feedback.

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