* Dr. Mel LLeras is holding a wait list that currently runs anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months out (depending on desired day/time). New clients may and should request an initial evaluation so that if a treatment program is determined to be appropriate, you can begin as soon as possible after the evaluation.

Mel LLeras Ph.D., C.Ht., R.M.T.

Specialist Human Bio-Energy Medicine | Subconscious Behaviorist

* Pronouns – He/Him *

Lara G.

“Mel is great! I live in Iowa and Mel was able to do sessions with my via video chat. I came to him with digestion issues and severe bloating as well as anxiety problems…”Read Other Testimonials »

Angie H.

“its now been 9 months since I last used and I have Mel to thank for it. He helped me find the subconscious root to my addiction and address it…”Read Other Testimonials »

Lindsey H.

“Incredible. Mel provided me with resources that allowed me to make huge progress with an issue that I have been dealing with for years…”Read Other Testimonials »


Jierasu Reiki

The form of Reiki specific to my family line, it is the practice of allowing Universal/Divine subtle energy forces to flow through the provider and directing toward a recipient. This energy interacts with the energy of the recipient in order to activate their own healing mechanisms.  During a Jierasu Reiki session, the following also occurs:

  • Tuning of major and minor chakras to create harmony between energy centers and all else.
  • Clearing and redirection of Qi through meridian channels.


Medical Hypnotherapy

A form of therapy focused specifically on working within the subconscious mind to create healing or change behavior in relation to a medical condition.

While general hypnotherapists help people change a variety of unwanted behaviors or address issues related to various anxieties (such as fears, phobias, insomnia), medical hypnotherapists have advanced training to provide assisted healing for individuals with a variety of diagnosed medical and mental health conditions and often work in partnership with medical or mental health professionals.


Sound Therapy

The use of audio frequencies to stimulate an individual’s healing response by gently syncronizing mental patterns and waves.  The application of sound therapy is especially effective with those living with conditions that create emotional or mental instability or memory issues.


BEMER Therapy

A subtle form of bio-energy therapy designed to work with the body’s microcirculation system, allowing your blood to more effectively transport oxygen, nutrients, and immune cells while flushing out metabolic waste.  In essence, it returns the physical body to a stronger, healthier state so that the recipient’s self-healing systems can work more  efficiently and is also a wonderful form of therapy for animals with a variety of health concerns.


  • R.M. – Reiki Master Certification, Jierasu Reiki (Eastern), 1997
  • Astral Projection 3-Month Journey to Mastery- Instructor Asahi Ogawa, 1999
  • B.S. – Bachelors of Science Degree, Metaphysical Science, Sedona University, 2005
  • Ordained and Licensed Minister, Ministry of Metaphysics, 2005
  • Aura Holistic Therapy Training, Instructor, Kaito Maeda, 2008
  • M.Msc. – Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, Sedona University, 2010
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine, Oriental Medicine Practice), Beijing 2012
  • Zen Meditation Studies – Instructor, Bo Peng, 2014
  • R.M. – Reiki Master Certification (Western), Instructor, Catherine LLeras, 2017
  • Bio-Energy Analyst Certification – Bio Well, 2017
  • Bio-Energy Sound Frequency Therapy – Bio Well, 2017
  • Neuro Linguistic Post Graduate Program – Hypnosis Motivational Institute, 2017
  • Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy sp. Autoimmune System, Hypnosis Motivational Institute, 2017
  • Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy for People and Animals – Bemer Group, 2017
  • Specialty Training Within Hypnotherapy – Medical Hypnotherapy Graduate – Hypnosis Motivational Institute, 2017-2018

➢ Trauma Recovery

➢  Healing Inner Child

➢  Smoking Cessation

➢  Love, Sex, Intimacy

➢  Immune Disorders

➢  Pain Management

➢  Past Life Regression

➢  Weight Loss

  • Ph.D – Doctorate of Parapsychology emp. Bio-Energy Medicine – Sedona University, 2018

To me, Magik + Science = Miracles.

~ Mel LLeras

Dr. Mel LLeras

Mel LLeras, Ph.D (aka Jierasu Meru) along with his wife, Catherine, is the founder of 460’s Journal. He first moved to the USA from Japan in his late teen years. However, even after coming to this country, he spent much time continuing to travel the world and living in countries such as China, Korea, and Ukraine – picking up various forms of training in healing modalities both culturally and through Universities.  This includes time spent living and working with native tribes in the Western USA. He continues to honor his training and his teachers, not simply by what he does… but by what he does not do, such as claiming titles and mastery over cultural practices that are not of his own, regardless of his level of practice within it.

Mel uses his experience and training now to work with adults and adolescents. He stabilizes their emotional and mental states and enhance their physical health systems by assessing and working with the person’s bio-energy fields and subconscious mind.

Mel’s work involves empowering people to strengthen their self-confidence, discover their identity, heal wounds from the past, and basically create alignment and synchronicity between their physical, emotional, mental, and metaphysical states.  It’s not uncommon for him to combine therapies within a session to achieve the necessary results for continued forward progress.

Mel understands that when this alignment can be achieved and maintained, both the body and the mind can function optimally.  Thus allowing the individual to work through afflictions, disease, conditions, injuries, deterioration, states of mind, etc., much more effectively.

In addition, Mel has a special place in his heart to help animals who are living with sickness and welcomes pets into the office in need of care complimentary to veterinary treatment plans for both anxiety related and physical concerns.

Who should work with Mel?

You should seek to work with Mel if:

  • You are seeking complimentary therapy to medical treatment to alleviate/manage a diagnosis affecting the physical body – and would like to restore your body’s natural ability to heal so that those treatments are more effective.
  • You are seeking complimentary therapy to your work with a licensed therapist to manage a mental health diagnosis – and would like to restore your mind’s natural ability to regulate itself/function normally so that the work you do with your therapist is more effective..
  • You are carrying trauma and would like the assistance of bio-energy therapy to release it.
  • You are being treated for addiction and would like the assistance of bio-energy therapy to become independent and free.
  • You have general feelings of being lost, joylessness, as if something is wrong with you that you can’t put your finger, (or other general feelings that might be related to depression/anxiety) and would like to use bio-energy therapy to help harmonize your bio-energy fields to help you restore purpose, joy, and clarity.
  • You feel as if you have lost your identity and would like the assistance of bio-energy therapy to regain your sense of self and create a permanent state of stability
  • You are questioning your identity, sexual orientation, gender, or your place in your community and would like to connect personally and directly to your higher self for guidance.
  • You are seeking to explore forms of metaphysical Soul Healing (i.e., karmic release, past life regression, etc.)

Steps to work with Mel

Step 1 (Optional):  Request an appointment for a phone consultation directly with Mel through our online booking platform to determine whether you could be a candidate for our therapies.

No Charge – 20 min

Step 2:  Request an Initial Evaluation through our online booking platform. (If you are not local or unable to travel to the office, be sure to select “Video” appointment on the calendar page.) In most cases, you’ll also experience a treatment during this appointment. This will allow us to assess potential benefits and results of working within our programs and put us in the best position to be able to provide recommendations.

$325 – 2 hours

Step 3: After your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive a link via email to  your secured client portal where you can access your schedule, confidential forms, invoices, etc. You must access this and complete your intake and consent forms. Mel begins evaluating your case soon after those forms are returned. If they are not completed 48 hours prior to your appointment, your appointment may be rescheduled.

* Standard Appointment Rates:  $35 – $200  20 min – 50 min


*Sliding scale program available to a limited number of individuals each month based on gross revenue and number of people in your household. Information provided on your intake form will be automatically reviewed if there are openings available and you will be informed if you qualify.

What does an average session look like?

Sessions can vary widely between clients based on the specific reason they are seeking help.  Some factors that affect theory of treatment are:

  • Blocks and areas of resistance that you have created through negative experiences in your  life
  • Level and type of emotional support you have beyond our office
  • What your diet and activity level looks like (physical and mental)
  • How your subconscious mind processes specific information, words, and phrases
  • The type of medication and/or recreational drugs you may be taking
  • Your sleep habits
  • Your dominant bio-energy field
  • Belief systems

Our approach is that of integrating all four of your main energetic states:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental
  4. Metaphysical

Our processes are designed specifically to bring harmony between your various health systems so that your body and/or your mind are elevated into a state of self-healing.  It’s in this state that one might recover faster from disease, sicknesses, addiction, or injuries. In addition, stability, acuity, clarity, and focus are examples of improvements experienced on the emotional or mental levels.  In essence, every theory of treatment produced is completely unique to that individual.

The appointment begins by reviewing the past week and experiences related to the work you are doing.  Dr. LLeras is paying great attention to and peeling away layers – forcing you to break boundaries and access your deepest potential for change and healing.  His techniques create revelations, growth, and are the catalyst for accelerated physical healing.

For many, your energy fields are assessed using special equipment to map out energy flow as well as identify how your emotional/mental states are affecting your physical organs and systems.

During the treatment portion of the session, multiple events are occurring simultaneously using gentle and non-invasive techniques.  They are designed specifically for your unique needs in order to achieve (though not limited to) the following:

  • Facilitate changes in behavior
  • Alter how you respond to stress
  • Strengthen self-identity, confidence, and esteem
  • Break down limiting belief systems
  • Improve how your body responds to physical trauma or disease
  • Improve how your brain responds to afflictions of the mind, create
  • Stabilize emotional/mental faculties
  • Better regulate hormones
  • Improve oxygen/waste exchange in your cells
  • Enhance the ability of your tissues and organs to regenerate healthy cells and thus function better
  • Accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Accelerate healing
  • Release past trauma

At the conclusion of a treatment session, it’s not uncommon to leave the office feeling inspired, motivated, feeling great physically, and just having a generally better outlook of the future due to results.