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 Most people should probably work with a professional life coach or awakening coach at some point in their life.

It’s well known that very successful people have mentors throughout their life.  This could be a close friend or family member.  It could be a colleague or boss.  It could also be a professional connection such as a life coach, awakening coach, or strategic interventionist.  In fact, you’re unlikely to find an individual who lives in abundance, great health, or stability but doesn’t have some form of a mentor in their life.

Even if you don’t yet understand what is a life coach, just be open to the idea and doing some research.  Luckily, if you don’t know somebody personally, you can find a coach online and learn a lot about who they are and how they work.  Chemistry is important if you’re going to work with a life coach online.  Have conversations with them if you can.  Let them get to know you while you get to know them.  Together, you’ll be able to determine if there is synergy.

What is a life coach and how is it different from an awakening coach?

Simply put, an Awakening Coach is a type of Professional Life Coach.

Whereas a life coach helps you achieve specific outcomes in your personal and professional life through powerful questions, accountability, and feedback, an Awakening Coach employs the same process from a place of awakening. You go beyond the personality needs to be happy and successful. You go deep into the source of the longing, to fill that void that no material success can ever fill.

When coaching from a place of awakening, a remembrance of your true self, each every step of the process is sacred and divinely guided. Your awareness expands and aligns with your soul consciousness so that through awakening coaching, you are not just meeting your survival and ego needs, you are also fulfilling the longing of the soul to self-realize, self-actualize and fulfill what it came here to do and be.

The result is much more deeply fulfilling and truly rewarding than just hitting ordinary life goals. With awakening coaching, your soul is activated and on fire to live your full expression.

Why work with a Life Coach or Awakening Coach?

Because you you can no longer deny your soul.

Awakening Coaching is where you get relief from the nagging self doubt and painful, destructive thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and programming that have kept you separate from your own authentic soul beingness.

Through Awakening Coaching, you will learn how to take back your mind and merge it with what deeply resides in your heart and soul. Here, in awakened and deeply connected soul consciousness, you get to live with inner certainty, harmony and stability.

Can an online life coach help me?

The short answer is “yes”.  The long answer is also “yes”.  Your best bet while seeking an online life coach is to talk to them directly about your goals and expectations.

Some professional life coaches like our own Tess Vergara only deliver their coaching sessions via phone, video, or an online component such as a chat.  Having these flexible programs allows a wider range of people to experience our work.  If you’re living with severe social anxiety, hearing or vision loss or other scenarios that make it difficult or impossible to see us in person, these options can create enormous possibilities.

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It’s not personal, it’s vibrational.

~ Tess Vergara

Strategic Interventionist & Awakening Coach

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Whether or not we’re listening, there’s never a moment that God is not speaking to us. At some point, there comes a time we choose to take a stand, deliberately intend and decide to speak as the voice of God, as Divinity in Action. Divine Human.

~ Tess Vergara

Strategic Interventionist & Awakening Coach

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