Crystal H.

“Because of her insightfulness, loving spirit and amazing wisdom, Tess is the catalyst for the growth of my Business, I went from having a solo coaching practice to having a larger group coaching practice with more clients and making more money.”

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Natalie H.

“Where do I begin?? Catherine is so professional, passionate and comforting. I had so many questions to ask and [they] immediately were able to connect with Robert and start giving me some clarity and insight to life…”

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Jennifer G.

“Mel is extremely knowledgeable with a great setup. His calm demeanor and great intelligence and experience all led to a wonderful experience…”

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Our Holistic Therapy Approach

Holistic therapies are a form of treatment that seek to identify the roots of the cause of any given ailment.  Ours, in particular, are gentle and non-invasive.  We approach the health systems as integrated parts of a whole as opposed to separating one component of your health from the rest of you.

For example, with a client reaching out to us to help with anxiety issues, we recognize there is a bio-logical or physical element that may be affecting their emotional or mental state.  We know through numerous studies that those who live with persistent and elevated anxiety often have diminished blood flow to those areas of the brain that help regulate the necessary chemicals to keep our moods stable or keep our natural stress responses at appropriate levels.  Thus, we address this along with the subconscious facets that may be driving behavior or emotional reaction.

Different treatment approaches sometimes offer similar benefits

So how do you tell which type of service you should seek or which practitioner you should work with?

In our list of benefits, we’ll describe some of the outcomes and experiences one may receive when working with our practitioners.  The modality through which treatments and sessions are provided determine the journey through which you might get there.  Keep in mind that our list is not all inclusive.  It’s impossible for us to list every health concern that we are approached to help address.  Thus, if you don’t see your specific concern on the list or are unsure of which type of service would best serve you, feel free to explore the specialties of each practitioner.  If you’re still unsure with whom you would best work with, set up a phone consultation with Mel LLeras.  He can help guide you towards the most appropriate path or refer you to an outside professional if necessary.

Speaking in Terms of Spectrums

Although it may be difficult to remember when you’re living with it, it’s important to understand that all dysfunctions of health fall on some type of a spectrum of severity.  When we work to address concerns, we are always working towards alignment and integration.  That is, we are helping your body and/or your mind maintain a state in which it can heal itself.

The number of potential diagnoses that a medical doctor or psychotherapist can provide is overwhelming.  In addition, many diagnosed conditions hold similar symptoms.  We don’t treat specific any specific diagnosis in our work.  Rather, our approach is to identify where disruptions might be occurring in your subconscious or your energy fields, and return them to a state where your various health systems are functioning in harmony together.  That is how our clients find themselves reducing or eliminating so  many of those symptoms that have been affecting their lives.

As you read through the various benefits, you’ll know which ones will apply to any condition you might have been diagnosed with, or any symptoms you might be experiencing.