Energy Medicine is an umbrella term. It defines a broad spectrum of practices. These practices focus on health and function through the lens of electrical resonance. Allopathic Medicine is also an umbrella term. It refers to modalities more commonly practiced in modern times. Think of current day surgeries, pharmaceutical therapies, or general practitioners.

Allopathic medical practices have surged into popularity. It moved into common practice in the early 1800’s. It is an incredibly young modality. In contrast, energy medicine practices can be traced back thousands of years.

The most significant differences between the two categories of medicine is in the perspective from which health is viewed and thus, treated.  The focus of allopathic practice is on the biochemistry of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs.  Treatments rely on pharmacological agents or physical interventions to alter or suppress the symptoms and processes of disease.

Alternatively, energy medicine modalities focus on the energy systems of the body that regulate and control the production and maintenance of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs.  Treatments are meant to affect the electrical impulses and chemical reactions of the body in order to create a state of optimal harmony between the body’s various health systems and promote natural self-healing.

Consultation with Mel

Though Mel is able to work with a broad spectrum of symptoms and issues, his specialties of healing through your subconscious mind and bio-energy fields is a very targeted approach.  It requires that you are ready to commit and follow through with all exercises and suggestions.  During the consultation, Mel can assess whether you are potentially ready to work with him by starting with an Initial Evaluation.

New Client Evaluation

The Initial Evaluation with Mel is a comprehensive session in which you cover your health history, present habits and behaviors, and future goals.  You’ll engage in a variety of assessments that will reveal important aspects of how your subconscious functions and interacts with your conscious mind as well as how your bio-energy fields (meridians, chakras, and auras) are performing and interacting with the different states of your consciousness.  Through this evaluation, Mel produce a theory of treatment – an action plan of how to move foward along with what types of results & experiences you can realistically expect.

New Client Evaluation for Minors (Age 17 and Under)

In many cases, the younger the individual, the more absorbent they are to suggestions and the energy fields around them.  This stage of life is one of the best stages to work in if you’re looking to nurture a strong, confident indiviudal who who doesn’t rely on a dependency of external resources.  As a parent or guardian, you also learn so much about your child – often resulting in a much closer and healthier relationship between the two of you.


Hypnotherapy is a technique wherein the practitioner bypasses the resistances and blocks created by your conscious thought processes and aims to provide healing through your subconscious and unconscious minds.  Though many people correctly associate hypnotheray with pain management, anxiety, or behavior changes, it is also an effective compliment to medical treatments for conditions of the physical body such as IBD, autoimmune diseases, or recovery from surgery when applied by a skilled professional.  With the correct approach, hypnotherapy can offer a long-lasting, and even permanent solution to your problem.

Hypnotherapy for Minors (Age 17 and Under)

Hypnotherapy for minors can be an extermely effective and life-changing experience at a very critical stage of learning.  It’s tough to see young one’s struggle, but by utilizing hypnotherapy techniques, those struggles can slip away, making room for all the hope and brightness your future has in store for you.  Hypnotherapy during this stage of self-discovery doesn’t only help you learn how to solve your current problems, it brings you a level of deep understanding of yourself that allows you to adapt and thrive in your life.

Jierasu Reiki

Jierasu Reiki is a family method of healing derived from the more commonly known “Reiki” techniques.  It comes form Mel’s family in Japan (Jierasu).  This modality of healing connects your energy fields to the surrounding energy fields through the Astral Plane in order to enhance and accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal itself for a range of afflictions.

Past Life Regression Therapy - Initial Session

Past life regression therapy is a special form of hypnotherapy in which you and your practitioner explore different levels of your conscousness that exist in lifetimes other than your present.  Using this technique carefully, your practitioner can help determine whether certain present issues or conditions are sourced in another life requiring deeper healing.  It is a powerful technique to use when you have exhausted other avenues.

Past Life Regression Therapy - Follow Up Session

Like other therapies, past life regressions may require more than one session to resolve your issue.  The follow-up sessions are shorter since you and your practitioner will have already gone over important preparation processes, but it is in no way less effective.  It’s often a good idea to have at least one follow-up session (even if you believe the issue has been resolved) in order to rule-out and clean out any residual patterns left from your last session.

Hidden Memory Recall - Initial Session

Often times, our minds protect us from traumatic experiences by repressing our memories.  Hidden Memory Recall is a highly specialized session in which we explore the depths of your unconscious in order to allow those memories to resurface so that you can truly heal.  To ensure that you continue to cope in a healthy way as these memories arise, it is required that you are working with a licensed psychologist at the time of this appointment.

Hidden Memory Recall - Follow Up Session

It may take more than one session to complete the process of revealing hidden memories.  These sessions are simply about pulling up old and repressed memories.  We take care to help you embed additonal coping skills to help you through this difficult process, even as you continue to work with your psychotherapist.

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