The Science of Energy Medicine + The Art Of Energy Healing


Energy Medicine is an umbrella term. It defines a broad spectrum of practices. These practices focus on health and function through the lens of electrical resonance. Allopathic Medicine is also an umbrella term. It refers to modalities more commonly practiced in modern times. Think of current day surgeries, pharmaceutical therapies, or general practitioners.

Allopathic medical practices have surged into popularity. It moved into common practice in the early 1800’s. It is an incredibly young modality. In contrast, energy medicine practices can be traced back thousands of years.

Statistics on Allopathic Medicine Doctors Regarding Energy Medicine

The most significant differences between the two categories of medicine is in the perspective from which health is viewed and thus, treated.  The focus of allopathic practice is on the biochemistry of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs.  Treatments rely on pharmacological agents or physical interventions to alter or suppress the symptoms and processes of disease.

Alternatively, energy medicine modalities focus on the energy systems of the body that regulate and control the production and maintenance of the body’s cells, tissues, and organs.  Treatments are meant to affect the electrical impulses and chemical reactions of the body in order to create a state of optimal harmony between the body’s various health systems and promote natural self-healing.

Discover the profound in the little things.

~Mel LLeras

Specialist Bio-Energy Medicine & Subconscious Behaviorist

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Don’t seek “Balance.”

Seek “Harmony”.

Only then, will balance come.

~Mel LLeras

Specialist Bio-Energy Medicine & Subconscious Behaviorist

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The best energy healer will combine the science of energy medicine with the art of energy healing.

There is a difference between energy medicine practitioners. Each has it’s own scope from which they should be working in. Each would have their own specialty. Their own topics of interest or subjects of advanced study and training.

When it comes to energy healing, you should do your research just as you would with any other medical professional. After all, you wouldn’t go to a psychotherapist for a rash on your foot just because they have the title of “Doctor”, right? You understand it’s a different educational and skills track.

Areas of study pertaining to energy healing is incredibly important. A heart surgeon is more qualified to cut open your chest than a general practitioner. One is not “good” or “bad”. They simply serve different needs.

The same applies to energy healing. An intuitive healer has completely different training from other types o energy workers. They best energy healer for your concern might have a medical or mental health background. Or you may not need to work with an energy practitioner with extensive training within a specialty. You may be fine with more of a “general practitioner” of sorts.

Who is the best energy healer or intuitive healer for me?

Just like in the allopathic medicine field, sometimes you simply have to work with someone a couple of times. Usually you will know in your first meeting if you like them or believe you can trust them.

The way you make decisions is no different than if you were looking for a practitioner in a conventional field. If you want somebody to help with social anxiety. Reach out to some practitioners and ask the about their experiences in working with social anxiety. What is their approach? What are the potential side effects?

Contrary to what many practitioners would like you to believe, there can be side effects. Side effects are usually much more minimum than those found in allopathic medicine, but they can be experienced.  Can your intuitive healer speak to possible side effects?