Emotional Instability Doesn’t Have to Diminish Your Light

Emotional Instability has been found to be treatable. You can take the emotional instability test at the bottom of the page to see where you stand and who might be able to help.

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Imagine being extremely sensitive to emotional stimuli.  So sensitive, in fact, that this emotional hypersensitivity is the core of your life’s experiences.  The speed at which your emotions fluctuate is both breathtaking and extreme.  Sometimes running from elation to utter despair.  Perhaps you don’t have to imagine?  Perhaps you’re living it – and living it means that you’re constantly working hard at managing your emotions.  You know that this can be at best – difficult.  At worse, completely overwhelming.

What’s incredibly disheartening is the years of searching, not for attention as so many mistakenly believe, but for relief.  Who out there understands that you’re not “choosing to be this way.”  Being told to just “calm down” or “relax” doesn’t, take up yoga, or practice deep breathing exercises may work well for people who are lower on the emotional instability spectrum – but those who are higher?  No way.

Can anxiety therapy help?

You’ve developed coping and defense mechanisms that, although are inherently harmful, feel safer than remaining present in this state of mind you seemingly have no control over.

Here’s the thing… you can regain that control.  That gentle soul inside of of you?  The one that might be hiding behind trauma, another diagnosed condition, or the crazy energy from other people?  Yeah, it’s real.  It’s YOU.

You can regain the ability to control your emotions and allow your Soul to emerge ready to give and receive acknowledgement, validation… love.

Imagine yourself, now just a little ways into the future. You’ve taken our emotional instability test. Maybe you’re working with an anxiety therapist in Minneapolis or elsewhere. You realize the anxiety therapy is really helping.

Just a little further into the future, you are hanging out with your friends, your spouse, your child.  You realize that you’ve achieved the ability to control your emotions. Your thoughts are no longer spinning overwhelmingly, but are flowing smoothly on whatever wonderful moment is your present.  Sure, challenges come up.  You might get a poor grade on a test.  Or your boss piles extra work on your desk on a Friday afternoon.  Maybe you miss our bus going home.  You may still get angry or irritated or sad.  But you know what?  It’s okay because you’re able to process through it just like any other healthy functioning adult – and that feels amazing.

Take our emotional instability test below to assess your ability to control your emotions and determine whether any form of anxiety therapy might be helpful.

Working with an anxiety therapist in Minneapolis or anywhere else you live could really help. Our life coach and energy medicine practitioner both provide sessions over the phone or via video call.

Have you completed the emotional instability test? Are you able to control your emotions? Did we suggest an anxiety therapist in Minneapolis, Orlando, Tokyo, or anywhere else?  Do you believe anxiety therapy might benefit you? Book a complimentary phone consultation with one of our practitioners. Have a conversation about what work with them would entail. They can help you determine if it’s the right time and if we are the right option.

Practitioners who specialize in Emotional Instability:

Mel LLeras, Bio-Energy Therapy

Tess Vergara, Awakening Coaching

Our Guides, Guardians, and Angels are always trying to speak to us.  We simply need to be in the presence of mind to listen.

~ Catherine LLeras

Psychic Therapist, RPT & Spirit Channeler

Kelly G.

“I found [their] guidance to be extremely helpful and in line with what I knew to be true. [They] are a very talented, loving healer….”

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Our purpose lies within our own ability to serve a cause beyond our physical being.

~ Mel LLeras

Specialist Bio-Energy Medicine & Subconscious Behaviorist


“Working with Mel at 460s Journal has been a life saver for me. I’ve felt lost all my life with answered questions and seeking my purpose. That all changed when I started doing hypnotherapy with Mel and tapping into my subconscious…”

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The feeling of love is the highest most intoxicating frequency and expression you can vibrate and gift back to all of creation.

~ Tess Vergara

Yoko T.

“She guided me to be in touch with my deeper emotion and longings and also to helped me to have a thriving mindset. …”

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