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Having dementia affects your life and that of your loved ones in more ways than can be imagined.  Those daily tasks that most of us do without event thinking about it become difficult and complicated.  Things like getting dressed or making a cup of coffee become overwhelming and frustrating.  Beyond that, it can be embarrassing – which is why many people attempt to hide either their symptoms or, maybe worse, live in denial that anything could be abnormal.

Dementia is a serious illness, however, that affects more than our memory or cognitive abilities.  The impact on physical health can be frightening.  As dementia progresses, you can lose control of your bladder or bowels, have difficulty swallowing food, or have trouble breathing from mucous collecting in your airways.  Risk of infections increase.  Motor skills are eventually affected and relatively simple tasks like taking a bath or a walk can be dangerous.

This doesn’t even take into consideration the level of dementia care and support required by loved ones to help keep you as safe, present, and healthy as possible.

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Dementia Therapy & Alzheimer’s Treatment

Our work in helping people living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia takes a very unique, but quite effective approach of addressing the physical, emotional, and mental contributors to the progression of this disease.

The methods we use have been the subject of numerous case studies and have been shown to:

  • Lessen atrophy in the hippocampus.  The hippocampus is an area of the brain that greatly contributes to performance of long-term memory, short-term memory, and spatial  memory.  Doctors will find that it is shrunken among their patients with dementia.
  • Protects your brain by increasing protective tissue.
  • Help you feel less isolated and lonely, two feelings that researchers are finding indicate lead to an increased risk of developing dementia.
  • Improve coping skills and reduce perceived stress, also contributing factors to developing dementia.
  • Reduction of the stress hormone, cortisol.  A hormone which, if is in excess in your body, has been associated with increased risk of developing dementia.
  • Increase cortical thickness and grey matter thus slowing the aging rate of the brain.

In addition, our dementia care involves working with your micro-circulation system to improve blood flow and nutrient/waste exchange to cells in the brain and other organs of the body.  This allows your body to regenerate more healthy cells.  Healthy, high functioning cells = healthy, high functioning tissue = healthy, high functioning organs.  Combining that with a specialized form of bio-audio therapy allows us not only the chance to offer relief from present symptoms, but we can actually stimulate those areas of the brain at the appropriate rate to encourage healthy regeneration.

We have a unique approach to dementia therapy and Alzheimer’s treatment.  We are helping you create a state of health that promotes regeneration of cells to slow or reverse symptoms associated with dementia.

Watch the video below to learn how Alzheimer’s changes the brain.

Exploring our options for Dementia Therapy & Alzheimer’s Treatment

If you are contemplating dementia care for a loved one and would like to explore our approach to dementia therapy and Alzheimer’s treatment, book a complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Mel LLeras.

Practitioners who specialize in this area:

Mel LLeras, Bio-Energy Therapy

Our Guides, Guardians, and Angels are always trying to speak to us.  We simply need to be in the presence of mind to listen.

~ Catherine LLeras

Psychic Therapist, RPT & Spirit Channeler

Kelly G.

“I found [their] guidance to be extremely helpful and in line with what I knew to be true. [They] are a very talented, loving healer….”

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Our purpose lies within our own ability to serve a cause beyond our physical being.

~ Mel LLeras

Specialist Bio-Energy Medicine & Subconscious Behaviorist


“Working with Mel at 460s Journal has been a life saver for me. I’ve felt lost all my life with answered questions and seeking my purpose. That all changed when I started doing hypnotherapy with Mel and tapping into my subconscious…”

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The feeling of love is the highest most intoxicating frequency and expression you can vibrate and gift back to all of creation.

~ Tess Vergara

Strategic Interventionist & Awakening Coach

Yoko T.

“She guided me to be in touch with my deeper emotion and longings and also to helped me to have a thriving mindset. …”

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