Code of Ethics

At 460’s Journal, integration of Soul Work is a natural part of every practitioner’s personal journey. It is how we are able to deliver our knowledge, skills, techniques, and experiences at a level that transcends the 10% of our mind power which is consciousness.

Thus, we all have a unique understanding of the delicate intimacy that is energy work and uphold the ideology that the space we hold together is sacred

Below is a list of guidelines we live by in both our personal and professional lives.

Your energy introduces you before you even speak.

~ Catherine LLeras


We do not “read” into you or your energy (beyond what you are outwardly expressing) without your consent.


Your information is not shared with third parties without your consent or that of your legal guardian (if a minor).


Working within another person’s energy space is considered a privileged and is treated as such.

Neutral State

We intentionally enter each session in a “neutral state” so as not to inject judgement or personal bias into our work with you.


We present information with as much accuracy as possible. We do not make claims to diagnose or cure any conditions, regardless of level of confidence.


Take the time and patience to be a teacher when called on to do so.

Be Supportive

Uplift those in their different stages of learning. Support especially those communities that are considered vulnerable.


Realize that we are all Souls at different stages of evolution, on different journeys, with different lessons to learn… and that learning is perpetual.


Strive to expand our exposure to new people and experiences and understand different perspectives. Understand that “good” and “evil” are subjective terms.

Free Will

Encourage those we work with to self-reflect and discover their own truth. Then follow and honor it.

Scope of Practice

Work within our training, skill set, and/or license. Refer out and work with other professionals when appropriate.


Although each of our practitioners are involved in life-long training within their scopes, we acknowledge the guidance as provided by our own Guides, Guardians, and Angels.