Pronouns:  They/Them/Theirs

Catherine is a psychic medium who tends to draw those feeling lost and alone, those questioning their psychic gifts and the highly empathetic who are struggling with the challenges they and/or their pets face in this world.  

Catherine’s sessions are never provided by Catherine alone.  Rather, because of Catherine’s ability to allow their consciousness to shift between planes, your Muses, Guides, Guardians, Angels and other protectors step forward in order to guide the direction of the session and provide the insight most necessary for you in this moment.  Sometimes, they are present within the same space, allowing Catherine to communicate with them directly – as if speaking to another individual in the room.  Other times, Catherine becomes a channel – briefly stepping out of their own body in order to allow the Spirit to speak to you directly.

Though loved ones who have passed often come through to help you understand lessons and messages, Catherine’s sessions are not focused on connecting with specific individuals.  However, Catherine does have a special connection with animals, and thus, will honor requests to tune in specifically with your pet (whether living or deceased). These connections with animals, people who struggle with their psychic gifts, and those feeling lost and alone stemmed from their life experiences.

Catherine’s journey began as a young child favored by the Fey (commonly known as Faeries).  Catherine had a tendency to wander so the Fey watched over and protected while also teaching them to develop their psychic communication skills.  Catherine often used these skills to speak with the animals (because what young child wouldn’t?). In fact, one fond memory Catherine recalls of their childhood is about wanting to invent a machine when they grew up so that others could also talk to the animals.  It never occurred to Catherine that these abilities were anything to be ashamed of until they were in grade school.

Catherine attended a catholic school where they quickly realized that their abilities instigated fear and anger amongst a specific Nun/teacher. The reactions by this teacher were so strong that they seared a lasting impression onto Catherine. Catherine remembers the Nun pulling them into the hallway and yelling out, “What did you say? How did you know that?  How did you know that?!” The glaring expression on that teacher’s face revealed an immense amount of anger and abhorrence.  It was as if that Nun was looking at something to be desperately feared. Naturally, Catherine began suppressing their skills shortly after this incident.

However, when one is called into this work, one cannot avoid it. Incidents like this occurred over and over again throughout Catherine’s life – forcing them to relive that moment of disgust they first experienced from the Nun.  By their mid-20’s, Catherine had enough. Desperate to be rid of this ‘burden’, they began heavily researching psychic abilities – even taking workshops with the intent of controlling them enough that they could then be repressed… permanently.

What Catherine didn’t expect was that they would find themselves in a supportive environment that held space for both psychic belief systems AND God belief systems in the same space. This “new” perspective, contrary to what they were taught growing up, allowed Catherine to find enough peace with these abilities to stop trying to snuff them out – but that’s not where this story ends.

Catherine may have come to terms with their abilities, but they still struggled with other aspects of life.  One day, Catherine attempted to take their own life. It was the voice of their most loved dog, Maxwell, who pulled Catherine out of that state of desperation enough for them to realize how needed they were in this world… in this life.  

In fact, it was through Catherine’s connection with Max that their animal mediumship ability grew.  Indeed, it is in honor of Max, Catherine’s protector, that they have dedicated the last 10 years of their psychic work (and continue to do so) to aiding other animal guardians – as well as those struggling to find their identity and place in this world.

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  • L.M.T. – Massage Therapist, Aveda Institute, 1999
  • B.S. – Bachelors of Science Degree, Kinesiology, University of MN, 2002
  • Healing Touch, Instructor Echo Bodine, 2003
  • Palmistry, Instructor Kathryn Harwig, 2011
  • Mediumship Studies, Instructor Kathryn Harwig, 2011
  • R.M. – Reiki Master Certification, Jierasu Reiki (Eastern), Instructor Mel LLeras, 2012
  • Advanced Mediumship Studies– 6 Month Workshop, Instructor Mel LLeras 2014
  • Channeling Spirit Safety Course – Instructor Mel LLeras, 2015
  • Spirit Guide Connection – Instructor Mel LLeras, 2015
  • R.M. – Reiki Master Certification (Western), Instructor, Rachel Augusta, 2017


You should seek to work with Catherine if:

  • You have concerns for your pets regarding health and/or behavior and would like insight/direction.
  • You’ve had a pet who passed and are seeking solace and/or closure by connecting to them through mediumship
  • You feel lost or alone due to (past/present) trauma of relationships, abuse, or other life circumstances
  • You feel a sense of fear driving your decisions or taking up your breathing space and want to break out of it and find clarity
  • You are “gifted”, but are struggling with wanting/accepting those gifts


Step 1:  Request an appointment thru our website.  All sessions are delivered through Skype video phone calls.

$150 – 40 min Psychic Session

$175 – 40 min Psychic Medium Animal Communication Session

Step 2: After your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive an email with action items. You must complete these action items prior to your appointment. If they are not done prior to your appointment, you will be given time to complete them during your appointment. There will be no adjustments to length of session or payment made.

Note:  Intake forms for Catherine are minimal – consisting only of the required consent form, first time client guidelines, and a few brief questions (contact info and pronoun usage).  Catherine prefers to receive zero information to reach them prior to the appointment.  For this reason, Catherine does not offer phone consultations to answer general questions.  There is too high of a likelihood that information will be prematurely revealed to Catherine. 

* Standard Appointment Rates:  $150 – $175/40 min

** 460’s Journal Members are gifted a 20% reduction in fee if they would like to work with Catherine.

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