* Catherine is holding a wait list that currently runs anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks out, depending on the day/time block. Thus, you will notice only a few slots open for new clients on their calendar. If you would like to be added to Catherine’s waitlist, send them an email (catherine@460sjournal.com) with the request.

** In addition, Catherine will be entering a period of Studied Ascension and will not be available for services beginning February 1st and ending (estimated) April 30th. If you would like a referral to another trusted professional who provides services similar to Catherine’s, send a request to Mel via email (mel@460sjournal.com).

Catherine LLeras, R.P.T.

Psychic Therapist

* Pronouns – They/Them *

Shalya F.

“Catherine is a truly talented, kind, respectful and loving person and [their] reading was life-changing for me.”

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Brooke R.

“I had an amazing reading by Catherine. It was my first psychic reading ever and I didn’t know what to expect. [They] were able to delve into issues I was having with decisions I’ve been wanting to make and it gave me clarity on my options and time frame and learning to be patient.”

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Karrie V.

“My reading was precise, helpful, in depth and easy to understand. Catherine has a calming, loving energy.”

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We aren’t born with “bad energy”.  We develop it from experiences that leave us feeling alone, helpless, or victimized.

~Catherine LLeras

Catherine LLeras

Catherine is a Psychic-Medium and Spirit Channeler who has trained in and continues their education in metaphysical counseling.

Born and raised in the USA, it is their Irish heritage to which they connect most in this type of work.  However, it is their love and connection to animals which truly inspires them to develop their skills to help all people, animal, and natural elements of the world.

Catherine’s area of focus is in the health and wellness sphere.  We recognize that physical symptoms are commonly manifestations of emotional or mental imbalances.  Thus, it may be helpful to address these concerns from the Spiritual perspective.

In addition, much of Catherine’s work is in helping individual adults and couples identify the lessons and paths that are meant to be followed in the present in order to take your next step in personal and Spiritual growth. As a medium, Catherine also communicates directly with animals and uses this skill to help people gain insight to help them address areas of concern for their loved furry, furrless, feathery, or scaly family members.

The focus of Catherine’s work with people is to address the root causes of the symptoms on a spiritual level.

A few examples of symptoms manifesting may be:

  • Obsession with an ex romantic partner
  • Indecisiveness with work decisions
  • Inability to focus on tasks
  • Inability to maintain relationships/friendships
  • Conflict with family

Catherine helps people who present with thoughts and behaviors (like those mentioned above) that hinder their ability to function and/or enjoy life. They speak directly with their Spirit Guides (and yours) during the entirety of a session. Thus, though Catherine may be the messenger, the wisdom and direction is provided by your Guardians.

In working with animals, Catherine’s main goal is to ensure that the their voices and messages are heard so that their people guardians can provide the best care possible.

Although Catherine has received numerous trainings and certifications in various practices (i.e. chakra balancing, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, palmistry, etc.) they do not claim mastery or take titles specific to cultures outside their own.  Everything they have learned is, of course, a part of them and what they do.  However, their way of expressing gratitude and respect towards their teachers is by acknowledging that taking classes is not the same as a lifetime of living, learning and understanding fully the tangible and intangible factors necessary to claim mastery.


  • L.M.T. – Massage Therapist, Aveda Institute, 1999
  • B.S. – Bachelors of Science Degree, Kinesiology, University of MN, 2002
  • Healing Touch, Instructor Echo Bodine, 2003
  • Palmistry, Instructor Kathryn Harwig, 2011
  • Mediumship Studies, Instructor Kathryn Harwig, 2011
  • R.M. – Reiki Master Certification, Jierasu Reiki (Eastern), Instructor Mel LLeras, 2012
  • Advanced Mediumship Studies– 6 Month Workshop, Instructor Mel LLeras 2014
  • Channeling Spirit Safety Course – Instructor Mel LLeras, 2015
  • Spirit Guide Connection – Instructor Mel LLeras, 2015
  • R.M. – Reiki Master Certification (Western), Instructor, Rachel Augusta, 2017

Who should work with Catherine?

You should seek to work with Catherine if:

  • You believe you are manifesting symptoms of Spiritual misalignment and are seeking guidance directly from your Spirit Guides in order to understand where, specifically, you should focus your efforts for growth.
  • Function well (enough) independently to follow advice/instruction without the need for regular accountability checks.
  • You have been experiencing things that cannot be explained and believe there might be a metaphysical explanation and would like to explore the possibility.
  • You have been experiencing strange “abilities” and would like to explore further.
  • You have been experiencing strange dreams and would like to explore further.
  • If you have concerns about your pets and need help communicating with them.

Steps to work with Catherine

Step 1:  Request a 50-min appointment thru our online booking platform.  (If you are not local or unable to travel to the office, be sure to select “Video” appointment on the calendar page.)  During this first session, time is used to cover expectations and goals, establish the initial metaphysical energy connection, and determine if regular sessions are necessary. This first session serves as the evaluation session for Catherine.

$125 – 50 min

Step 2: After your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive a link via email to  your secured client portal where you can access your schedule, confidential forms, invoices, etc. You must access this and complete your intake and consent forms. If your consent forms are are not completed 48 hours prior to your appointment, your appointment may be rescheduled.

Note:  Intake forms for Catherine are minimal – consisting only of the required consent form, first time client guidelines, and a few brief questions (contact info and pronoun usage).  Catherine prefers to receive zero information to reach them prior to the appointment.  For this reason, Catherine does not offer phone consultations to answer general questions.  There is too high of a likelihood that information will be prematurely revealed to Catherine.  Thus, if you have general questions about the service, you will need to book a phone consultation with Mel. 


* Standard Appointment Rates:  $75 – $175  25 min – 50 min