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Our integrative approach means you can work with us AND other health and wellness professionals. These services are designed to address those areas that are often missed by conventional treatments and therapies so that you can accelerate your healing and journeys of self-discovery.

Energy Psychology
Sprituality Based therapy
awakening coaching
animal readings

All our services are offered via telephone or video calls.So you can take your sessions from the comfort of your own favorite chair or stay on site if you’re in the middle of work.

Common Struggles.

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Who we are as Spiritual beings are complex and multi-layered.  There exists 4 general states in which we function and grow.  Each of these states are integrated into the others.  When you experience intense emotions, medical challenges, or anxieties (for example), you’re not affected through only one aspect of yourself.  You are affected throughout your entire essence.  This is why it’s important to seek to understand yourself and your situation as it affects the whole of your being.


Your physical state encompasses all the changes that occur in your physical body and in the environment around you.  It also includes the way you sense things in this world through sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.  Through this state, you experience the most tangible aspects of this life.


Everyone experiences emotion, though not everyone experiences it (or expresses it) in the same way. Though much of emotion is driven by instinct, a large part is also learned through our families and communities.  Dysfunctions occur when we are driven to express or repress our emotions contrary to our most natural instincts.


Our mental states are rooted in our intellects, logic, will-power, and ability to analyze through critical thinking.  Often, mental conditions develop when our conscious understanding of something does not coincide with our unconscoius knowing – leaving us vulnerable to questioning ourselves in destructive ways.


The Spiritual aspects of our beings exist in the realm of Faith, belief systems, and the abstract.  It is this portion of our beings where we can tie together all that is provided through our physical, emotional, and mental states in order to expand our Souls, gain forms of enlighenment, and overcome/achieve the impossible.

Our PractitionersOur practitioners have a range of different backgrounds, experiences, and skills.
What really sets them apart are their abilities to – not only connect, but to deliver the results and experiences you need.






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Group Sessions

Group sessions are available through the Ascension Room for individuals who prefer either community support or self-paced programs with professional guidance.  Member content can be accessed and completed any time of the day or night.  Members of the Ascension Room get VIP access to Community Events (see our events calendar), individualized programs, and discounts on products and private sessions at 460’s Journal.

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