Lesson Title:  Welcome Information

Facilitator:  Mel LLeras, C.Ht.


Step 1: Schedule a brief phone call.

Book that short 15-20 min phone call to speak with me directly.
I’m not scary, I promise. I’m just gonna ask a few questions to get me a better idea of where you’re at right now, what your vision is, and what exactly we can do to help support your journey.

Scroll down near the bottom and select the “Apprenticeship Welcome Call”.
Pick a time that works for you!

*Note: All times are USA based CST.*

Mel LLeras, C.Ht.

Step 2: Join our Facebook group.

This is where we can practice lessons, share stories and experiences, ask questions, and help each other grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

Step 3: Live Q & A

We will email announcements out for live Q&A sessions.  Send me your questions throughout the week so that we can discuss them during the Q&A’s.


Saturday, 7th April, 2018 @ Noon Cst

Email topics and questions in advance.
This will be a Facebook Live presentation.
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