Dear New Clients,

This is a private energy medicine practice.  With the exception of an answering service, our practice is run solely by us (a husband/wife team).  Thus, we have no front desk.  No HR.  No marketing team, etc.  We approach all of our clients (local or not – new clients or not) with the type of care one would give a loved one.  What this means to us is that our space is your space.  We have worked to create a comfortable environment where you, as a guest, can feel secure and confident that our attention is completely on you.  Our focus is on helping you solve whatever problem you might present – whether that be an anxiety based issue, a physical condition, or a desire for spiritual guidance.  Your well-being is our primary concern and we consider it an honor to share our space with you.

We ask that, as a new client, you help us create the best experience possible by doing a few things:
  1. Use the online booking tool to schedule your appointments.  If you are unsure who to see, or have any questions prior to scheduling an appointment, use that same tool to request a complimentary 20-min phone consultation.
  2. Read the appointment confirmation email and follow instructions.  Within this email, you will receive guidance on how to make the most of your appointment and  instructions on how to complete intake/consent forms prior to your first appointment.  Doing this helps us both so that we don’t have to use your appointment time to go through paperwork and we can get right to it!
  3. Because we have no marketing, we rely heavily on word-of-mouth.  We strive to make every experience a 5-star experience.  If we are able to achieve this with you, please consider leaving a testimonial on Facebook, Yelp, or Google for us.

We thank you incredibly for visiting our site and hope to see you in our office!


Catherine & Mel