About Mel LLeras, C.Ht.

Subconscious Behaviorist | Bio-Energy Therapist

Mel LLeras, C.Ht.

Mel is the main contributor for the Spiritual Alliance.  He shares his knowledge and wisdom from his lifelong work with his many ethereal Guides and Teachers.

In his private energy medicine practice, Mel’s work is in healing through the subconscious with the bio-energy bodies… aka… auras, meridians, and chakras.  He works with his clients to engage their natural healing abilities to overcome conditions of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sources.


I believe that Science + Magick = Miracles.


It is in the state of rest that change occurs.  It is in the state of awakedness that we realize the effects.


We are all simultaneously Teacher & Student elevating ourselves even as we elevate others.
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My dream is to one day, be able to teach people how to engage their own natural healing abilities… to watch them overcome their struggles with the knowledge and power that is already held within. To visit the sick and give them hope.

This dream is a driving force behind the formation of 460’s Journal Spiritual Alliance.  For $7/mo, you will be supporting that dream at the same time that you will have access to a community of Spiritual Seekers – each expanding their own Truth and Voice so that they can do their part in healing the world.

MAGICK equals




Jierasu Reiki (Manipulation of bio-energy field of the human body without the use of man-made tools).
  • Tuning of major and minor chakras to create harmony between energy centers and all else. immediately
  • Clearing and redirection of Qi through meridian channels.
Mine is a family of Healers. Each generation, some children (especially 1st born) are groomed to be Teachers/Healers and become students of all things related to Healing Sciences/Arts. We do not learn affirmations as adults as is done here in the Western countries. Rather, the words of wisdom and reminders are given to us at the youngest age through stories, lessons, and example so that by the time we are teenagers, we may begin studying medicines and therapies with an innate understanding of how our metaphysical energy relates to the energy of all living things within our environment.


Medical Hypnotherapy (Working directly with the subconscious to create healing or change behavior).
Working with the subconscious directly is probably the fastest way to implement new learned behaviors or remove blocks from the subconscious mind. Only 12% of our being is composed of our conscious mind, while the other 88% is completely subconscious. Therefore, it only makes sense to utilize the greater power to help ourselves heal, overcome issues, improve skills, or any other type of behavior change.


Sound Therapy (Manipulation of bio-energy field of the human body using specific sound frequencies while guest is guided into a deep state of meditation).


  • R.M.T. – Reiki Master Certification, Jierasu Reiki (Eastern), 7-Year Program
  • Astral Projection 3-Month Journey to Mastery- Instructor Asahi Ogawa, 3-Month Fellowship
  •  B.S. – Bachelors of Science Degree, Metaphysical Science, Sedona University, 
  •  Ordained and Licensed Minister, Metaphysics Faith Based Ministry
  •  Aura Holistic Therapy Training, Instructor, Kaito Maeda, 2-Year Program
  •  M.Msc. – Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, Sedona University
  •  Zen Meditation Studies – Instructor, Bo Peng, 4-Year Program 
  •  Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine, Oriental Medicine Practice) – 3-Year Post Graduate
  •  R.M. – Reiki Master Certification (Western), Instructor, Catherine LLeras
  •  Bio-Energy Analyst Certification – Bio Well, 3-Year Program
  •  Bio-Energy Sound Frequency Therapy, 1-Year
  •  Medical Hypnotherapy Graduate – Hypnosis Motivational Institute, 2-Year Post Graduate