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  • A hot shower, surrounded by Winter ❄️ @jess.wandering 🚿
  • My earliest memory is with my Mom. She took me out to the meadow across the street. We set out to look for something “cool”... so we searched over the hills and thru the dry river bed, until we discovered a crazy big bush. I crawled under it, hollowed it out and we made it our own “bush hut”. Over that summer we went back and forth to hang out in our creation. .
I still see this bush when I go home for the holidays... it doesn’t look that big or great anymore. But it sure left an impression on me. I’m grateful to have a Mom that introduced me to my imagination, and who instilled a love of discovery and creativity in me. .
I remember my pov as a kid... Running as fast as my feet would go to see what’s around the next bend. I try to illustrate this feeling of Discovery into my work. You never know when the scene of a lifetime will reveal itself to you. .
- Ever Changing Horizon
  • Love searching for new angles on Yosemite. For this shot, I paddled out to the middle of the river on a SUP, and waited a min for the water to settle. And I have three radical friends that are down to balance on icy bridge railings to help put everything into perspective. @travisburkephotography @christianschaffer @nathanielwise 👩‍👦‍👦
  • Woke up to a fresh blanket of snow this morning in Sequoia ⛄️ goodtimes with my Puerto Rican bud @fernandosamalot . .
* I did not film this with a drone.
  • First time paddle boarding thru this winter wonderland today. 🙏🏼❄️ Video by my good buddy - @travisburkephotography - check out his feed for the photo of this experience!
  • In sync w/ Nature 🏠 @sixsenseszilpasyon @karmagawa
  • Perpetually running. From spot to spot, country to country, processing what I shot yesterday, planning out tmrw. . . this was one moment that demanded me to stop, and stare. As the clouds lit up, waves crashed in, and the man behind the piano convinced me it was the end of the world. 
  • Paddling and diving the shipwrecks was the highlight of Aruba for me. Like a fingerprint of man, being reclaimed by the nature. The locals told us the stories, but I wonder what it was actually like for the crew involved. @arubatourism #discoveraruba #onehappyisland #sponsored
  • It took me a few trips to Sequoia to create an image that does the trees some justice. From the beginning, I was fixated on how tall they are, so was shooting wide angle to get everything from the trunk to the tippy top. This past summer I went back with a zoom, ready to focus solely on their massive trunks. .
Shoutout to the random guy in the sports jersey for giving scale. Full disclosure: I yelled over to him and told him to look up like that. He was skeptical.
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