The Jierasu Method

It’s about…

  1. Boosting your overall health – 18-weeks
  2. Gaining peace of mind and emotional stability – No Meds
  3. Awakening the divine love within you – Measurable Results


Take Control of Your Health.


Its a practice developed by Mel LLeras, C.Ht., (a.k.a. Jierasu Meru) which combines generations of his family’s healing techniques with state of the art vibrational energy tools.

It took years for the Jierasu Method to devleop into what it is today because the Jierasu Method isnt just a treatment, it’s a system that alleviates symptoms of conditions, ailments,and disease by using an advanced healing method he calls Hyper-Sensory Engagement.

If you can hyper-engage your 5 senses simultaneously, you open a window into your subconscious mind.  You access you body’s natural healing abilities – including your ability to naturally detox.  This provides a greater opportunity to create changes on a cellular level.

Therefore, the more response you’re going to get from your body’s own healing system, the more efficient concurrent treatments will be… the better the results, the faster the results.

The Jierasu Method is gentle, non-invasive, and doesn’t involve medication. Best of all, the Jierasu Method is designed to give you control over your own health.

But lets talk quickly about Hypers-Sensory Engagement…

Visualize or imagine a circle. Then divide this circle into 10 slices.  One slice of this circle = 10% of our total mind power.  That 10% is the what’s called the conscious area of your mind. Within this area lies our logic, our decision making, and rational thought. It’s this portion of the mind that most people go to when the want to solve a problem.

The other 90% of that circle is your sub-conscious mind.  Here lies your hidden memories, your drive behind all your actions, and the ability to heal on all levels.

The process of hyper-sensory engagement creates a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious so that you are using as close to 100% of your mind power as possible to boost your body’s natural ability to detox and heal.

Once that bridge is created, you have access to what I call the Human Energy system – chakras, auras, meridians – commonly addressed in practices like traditional Chinese medicine and reiki. The Jierasu Method uses hyper-sensory engagement to give you control… to manage these aspects… and in doing so you can

    prevent illness and disease
    improve concentration and focus
    speed up recovery from surgery
    help to overcome depression and anxiety
    reduce emotional disturbances
    clear negative thought patterns and tendencies
    gain more peace and joy n you life
    raise your overall vibration
    develop spiritual strength to cope with life’s challenges
    gain wisdom and clarity for enlightenment


Here’s how it works…


Book a 20 min complimentary phone consultation so that we can first see if this program is right for you.

The first appointment is a Human Energy System Analysis.  It’s a gentle, non-invasive scan of your energy fields plus additional evaluations to gain an understanding of your current condition from a holistic lens. It takes about 2 hours and also includes a standard treatment.

For the treatment portion, we get you comfortably into a meditative state where we use frequency to begin the hyper-sensory engagement process. In the meantime, you’re relaxing on your back or seated comfortably for about a half hour until the process is done – simply enjoying beautiful sounds and a peaceful space.

Once the process is finished, we take a few notes and you’re on your way.

Some people experience results in that first session, many people notice definitive changes in the first week or two. After 8 weeks, most people agree the effects are undeniable.