FAQ Page


Do I have to be a member to work with your professional practitioners?

No.  You can schedule any private session (Medical Hypnotherapy, Psychic, Jierasu Reiki, or Spiritual Counseling, etc.) without being a member. However, members do get a discount on each of these services as well as products through our store online.

What is the discount that members receive for services and products?

Discounts will vary, but you’re generally looking at between 20 – 100% discount.

What benefits do I receive as a member?

  1. Discounts on most products and services.
  2. Access to our Facebook community online where members share insight and activities for the purpose of spiritual growth.
  3. Access to our classroom online where activity and knowledge is stored in a library style fashion.
  4. Aspiring and/or professional practitioners are invited to participate in various types of healing sessions and help with case studies and documenting of metaphysical energy work in order to improve everybody’s practice.
  5. Hands on practice of various modalities in a therapeutic setting.
  6. Access to the main contributors of the alliance for guidance towards mastery of self along your spiritual journey.
  7. Live access to at least one of the main teachers at least once a week for faq sessions and such.

The alliance is a work in progress and we are always looking for ways to create and offer benefits to our community members.

What are the fees for membership?

Monthly fee of $7.

Though we supply a lot of educational material at no additional costs, some coursework will require a registration fee… usually in the area of $15 to $75.

NONE of these courses are ever mandatory.

Some organizations require "Initiation" into the community. What is your initiation process?

We don’t have one.  We don’t believe in “Initiating” somebody.  We believe in independent thought and free will – and strive to empower our members to exercise their own independent thought and free will – even to the point of questioning knowledge we share.

We believe that by nurturing independent thought, we create an environment for healthy and productive discussion leading to critical and complex thought.

This, in turn, creates leaders who (though at times may need to play a role of follower) are then capable of healing the world.

What is your structure for gaining levels of achievement?

Achieving “levels” is another practice that doesn’t quite make sense to us.  Our belief is that we are all Teachers and at the same time, we are all Students.  Even as leaders of this community, we view our role more as facilitators to ensure that the environment is safe, secure, and nurturing of higher thought.

Thinking of things in “levels” is too linear for the concepts we wish to share and explore and, in our opinion, often serves an injustice to those who come with more experience in a specific area.  If one needs to “pass a specific course” with us in order to achieve some made up level that really doesn’t matter in the non-physical planes, well… that’s just weird.

If we find people really need some sort of reward to feel as if they are making progress… I suppose we can come up with badges.  At least that sounds fun 🙂

At what point will I receive an "attunement" and what are the degrees?

It’s unlikely you will ever receive an “attunement” from one of us unless we are working to address a specific issue in a private paid session.  At least, not in the way that is common practice for some of the energy healing  modalities.

Again, our belief system… a true attunement comes from within yourself.  We would like to help you learn how to do that and maintain it…  not do it for you.  To have us attune your energy field would be like being at home in your kitchen and calling your neighbor over to come lock your doors for you.  There isn’t really a big secret to it and self-attuning is critical to self-mastery… so why would we prevent you from learning that skill?

Now, there are cases where getting an attunement from another is quite necessary.

For example, every session I have with a client in our Integrative Medicine practice receives some form of an attunement.  In fact, all energy healing practitioners do this (whether they realize it or not).  It’s impossible for healing to occur without an attunement to some degree.

Also, even as energy therapists who are adept at self-attunement, we still may need assistance from another.  Not having access to somebody who can assist in that way is like expecting a counselor to never need to see another counselor for a service… when in fact, it’s quite important that they have that access just like anybody else.

However, to be completely dependent on another for an energy attunement would be like being a bike commuter who doesn’t know how to fix a flat or grease their own chain.  It’s a necessary skill.

I'm not local. Will I still benefit from a membership?

Local or not, to what degree you benefit is completely up to you.

We do our best to make our material, services, and products available on a global level.  However, in the end, it is always up to you to decide what would make this community valuable and how much of that value you would like to take advantage of.


What's the difference between a psychic session with you and a psychic reading?

The difference is subtle but significant and has a lot to do with purpose of the session as well as the practice of applying the knowledge into your life.

Catherine’s sessions have a strong therapeutic focus.  They are not about stroking her ego and trying to see how much information she can get “right”.  Rather, she starts by ensuring that she’s connected to the correct “energy thread” by having you validate information she is receiving immediately in the session.

From there, the session progresses into somewhat of a conversation in order to guide her towards those answers (energy threads) that will benefit you most and allow you to move beyond the current state in which you are stuck.

Can you predict the future?

Most everybody has free-will. When Catherine is advising you with the help of her Guides, she can only present information according to what she calls “The Threads of Free Will”.

That is, with permission from all involved (your Guides and Angels must agree as well), she can reveal the destinations of your current paths, so to speak. She will explain it further during the session, but basically, given that nearly all of us have free-will, we all have the ability to choose a different path from what she might see. Her purpose is simply to offer you guidance. In the end, you control your destiny.

Can you place a curse on someone for me?

We practice therapeutic sessions. In most cases, applying a curse on somebody is the opposite. So until we can think of a therapeutically beneficial reason to cast a curse, the answer is going to have to be “no”.

I would love to try out a session, but don't have any specific questions. Can I just come with the expectation that you will just pass on any messages I need to know?

Short answer is “yes” and “no”.

Think of it like this. If we enter a grocery store together and you ask me to grab food for you without specifics, well… yeah, I can grab anything in that store and give it to you. Though it may not be food that satisfies you, it will still be food.

However, if you tell me, you’re looking for a sweet, organic piece of fruit.  Well, now I am more likely to get you something you want. Of course, the more specific you get, the more likely I will pick out the exact food that will satisfy you. The same works for a Psychic Session. The more specific you can be with your question, the more specific and detailed we can be with the information we return. As a result, the session will be more useful to you.

How often do people schedule sessions?

Just like conventional therapy sessions, it varies and is dependent upon the needs of the individual. Frequency ranges anywhere from weekly to a few times a year. Folks who are in a phase where they are trying to address large life challenges tend to book more frequently, just as they would if they were working with a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist.

What's the difference between you and a psychiatrist?

A lot! First and foremost, we are not licensed psychiatrists or psychologists. Their education covers a different modality than what we apply.

Basically, they specialize on learning how your mind functions in order to help you address issues. Psychiatrists, specifically, are medical doctors.  We are not.

Instead, Catherine communicates directly with disembodied entities (Guides, Guardians, Angels, etc.) who are able to provide guidance and direction through her and for you. Having said that, we have found that those in conventional therapy find great benefit in supplementing that therapy with our Sessions.


What is the difference between Jierasu Reiki and regular Reiki?

Jierasu Reiki is very specific to our family line. The focus of Jierasu Reiki goes beyond the standard 7 Chakras and Auric Fields and into the hundreds of minor Chakras and Meridian Channels in your ethereal body.

In addition, the delivery method is different.  Although we can use our hands just as traditional western Reiki practitioners to direct the energy flow, in Jierasu Reiki, the practice is to allow energy to flow from Heart source.

During a treatment, my consciousness (as practitioner) is elevated into a non-physical plane… commonly known as the astral.  During treatment, I guide your ethereal body to meet my vibration.  Through this technique, I can work with people with a variety of diagnosis alongside their Medical Doctors and Therapists.

What is the difference between Jierasu Reiki and medical hypnotherapy?

Any type of Reiki is the practice of working with the body’s energy fields.  Whereas hypnotherapy involves working with the sub-conscious mind.

In my practice, (unless otherwise requested) I combine the two for a more holistic approach to energy medicine.

Can I get "stuck" in hypnosis?

First, there is no evidence that anybody can become stuck in hypnosis.

Second, though ALL forms of treatment contain some risk (even your physical trainer will say this), we are highly trained in our areas of expertise and will not perform any high risk treatments unless we are confident that we are able to minimize those risks.

For example, Past Life Regressions are considered to be one of the Higher Risk Activities when it comes to any form of hypnosis.  In our opinion, this is rightfully so as an inexperienced practitioner can trigger unwanted sub-conscious elements or create false  memories.

For anybody seeking PLR work with us, we take extensive time to prepare the client and ensure that we (the practitioners) are in full control at all times should the need arise to immediately bring you safely out of a state of hypnosis.

Can anybody be hypnotized?

Yes, everybody is can be hypnotized, some “seemingly” more easily than others.

Researchers tend to classify people as ‘highs’, ‘mediums’, or ‘lows’.  About 80% of people are in the ‘medium’ band – meaning that they can experience many of the effects of hypnotic suggestion, and are likely to benefit from its clinical use if necessary.

However, we at 460’s Journal LLP have found a connection between hypnosis and your bio-energy body which, once identified, allows us to work with each classification of people with success.  Basically, if you can fall asleep, you can enter a state in which we can help you.

What does one experience in a session with you?

Everyone is a little different.  Often, there are also many factors that might affect your personal experiences including your current level of stress, toxins in our body or energy fields, energy field dominance, etc.

In all cases, you are fully dressed (unlike massage therapy) and fully conscious and in control.

During a session, people have expressed such things as seeing colors and visions, feeling physical vibrations, experiencing floating sensations, and lots of other things.  Some don’t experience much of anything.  It all depends on the individual.

What are bio-energy scans?

We utilize specialized equipment that allows us to capture, measure, and analyze your energy fields (including your chakra activity) and use it in conjunction with many of our treatments.

The resulting data can be used to understand the affects of your energy fields on your physical organs and/or emotional state and vice versa.  This is not the same as an aura photograph.  Our equipment emits an undetectable electrical impulse, then captures the reaction of your energy fields and translates that data into information we can understand.

What kinds of conditions can you treat?

In all honesty, when it comes to working with the sub-conscious and the body’s energy fields, there is probably not a known condition that wouldn’t benefit by at least assistance from this modality.

To be clear, we are not medical doctors nor licensed therapists.  Therefore, we cannot diagnose nor cure any condition.  However, we can work with you and/or your medical team to help make their treatments more effective or even alleviate certain symptoms in which they are having little to no success.

Can my doctor send medical records and vice versa?

Yes. We are HIPAA compliant and can send/receive sensitive material via email or fax.


Is there parking available?

There are multiple parking options. We are directly across the street from Calhoun Square which has a parking ramp. You can also grab metered parking right on the street in front of us. If you don’t mind walking several blocks, you can find free street parking along the roads south of 31st street.

Is there anywhere for me to park my bicycle?

Yes! Bicycle racks abound everywhere!

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept cash, check or major credit cards with or without a chip.

I have mobility issues. Is there elevator access?

Yes. In addition, if you give us advanced notice of any required accommodations we can do our best to be prepared and help make this a comfortable experience. Alternatively, we may make house calls or video calls when travel is not a possibility for the individual.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Alas, you must book in advanced at this time. We are a husband/wife team with no other employees so if we are in session or out grabbing lunch, you will find the doors locked.

What kinds of issues do you work with? Physical? Emotional?

We work specifically with the Energy Body and Higher Conscious. Since the energy body is directly connected to both the physical body and the mind, we are able to help people with a wide range issues: Mental, emotional, and physical. Some examples might be depression, lupus, pain management, extreme stress, etc. If you have a specific diagnosis and would like to know if we can help you, please contact us directly via email (mel@460sjournal.com) or phone (612.430.9385).

I think I have _______. Can you confirm this?

Because we are not medically licensed professionals, we cannot diagnose any illness or condition. However, if you have a diagnosed condition, we can offer therapies to work in conjunction with your prescribed treatments in order to help you excel the healing process.

Will health insurance cover the cost of my private sessions?

It is a possibility. We are registered as a national Health Care Provider and have been provided an identifier in order to work with Health Insurance Companies. It will all depend on whether your policy covers treatments for “Alternative” or “Complimentary” treatments.

Alternatively, some HSA’s and FSA’s can be used for reimbursement. Keep in mind, there may be certain requirements such as a referral from an MD. We will certainly do all we can to work with your insurance provider to get your sessions covered. However, your best bet is to contact your insurance provider directly.

Can you cure me of __________?

Since we are not medically licensed professionals, we can offer no cures. Having said that, we have had much success helping our clients in partnership with their primary care givers and therapists.