About Catherine LLeras, R.M.T.

Psychic-Medium | Spirit Channeler


Pronouns:  They/Them

A session with Catherine is about connecting to the appropriate “energy thread”, then communicating messages in a way that gives you the ability to resolve and move forward from the moment in which you are stuck.

In this way, sessions with Catherine are therapeutic – not entertainment.  People who work with them find themselves working towards and achieving validation, understanding, progression, inspiration, and closure.


Sessions are considered confidential.  Catherine honors the space in which the two of you are sharing and treats all information as sensitive.  They conduct sessions in what we call a “neutral space”- meaning, they are given without judgement, bias, or prejudice.

You will find it evident that the information Catherine shares is not “opinion” nor is it them trying to problem solve.  It is simply the passing of information from a higher energy onto you.  You can think of it as if Catherine is the telephone between you and another person at a distance.


Many people are under the impression that working with a psychic makes them vulnerable… as if the psychic has full access to their deepest, darkest secrets.  However, that’s as realistic as expecting a doctor to know everything that is going on in your body simply by having a conversation in their office.

Like any health professional, all of our work is done with consent. Consent from you, consent from us, and consent from those energies with whom we are working.  Sessions with Catherine are a therapeutic process.  Thus, they requires consent before delving deeper into any issue.


Psychic Advisor (Direct contact via mediumship and/or channeling to Non Divine and Divine entities who have a broader view of our existence. The purpose of these sessions is often to acquire guidance that may directly affect our action and choices.)

Spiritual Counseling (Direct contact via mediumship and/or channeling to Divine entities with the purpose of helping us evolve. The purpose of these sessions is often to aid in expanding our understanding of our spiritual selves in connection with all that is around us.)


Catherine LLeras, R.M.T.

Catherine specializes in Spiritual Connection and Channeling in which they communicate directly with Guides, Guardians, Angels, and others to pass on messages directly to you.  For those who need some clarity, direction, or validation, a session with Catherine should be the first step.
Psychic and founder of 460’s Journal LLP, Catherine’s primary role is that of a messenger and communicator. Catherine has spent decades developing their extrasensory skills and raising their vibration. Catherine’s dedication has resulted in the ability to connect directly to our Guardians, Animals and other spirits through hearing, sight, and physical sensations. Through these methods, Catherine communicates divine advice and guidance to both people and animals who are in need of help.


I remember clearly as a child having what people refer to as, Psychic abilities (though I didn’t know it at the time as something defined by name). I just remember it as a time where I saw & spoke to spirits, having faeries with & protecting me when I was out alone collecting agates, astral traveling…& a number of other things that kind of made me a weird kid in my own little world. To my recollection, it wasn’t discussed at home, & honestly, it lacked any thought on my part until I was in the 2nd grade. I attended a Catholic school & had a Nun as a teacher. There were a couple of what I refer to as “incidents” with this Sister where my Psychic abilities were revealed. After that year, I must’ve learned to shut it down & hide it, as it wasn’t something I was aware of until around the age of 20, when it started popping up again. This is when I decided I was going to learn how to control it for the sole purpose of then being able to get rid of it. Well, long story short & 20+ years of studying later, I learned to not only embrace, but to also love this part of me.