A rant about “Bad Energy” and why it is not actually your fault.

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  • A rant about “Bad Energy” and why it is not actually your fault.

Have you been told you have “Bad Energy”?

Have you been told that your current problems are due to “Bad Karma” you acquired from being a “Bad Person” or doing “Bad Things” in a past life?

Have you been told that you are “Cursed” or have an “Evil Spirit” attached to you or your home?
Have you been told that you have a “Dark” or “Black” aura?
 Okay, we gotta talk about this – because it is messed up, and “professionals” in our line of work who are creating or encouraging this belief system among folks for whom it’s not true are acting carelessly.
 I speak from experience – the experience of having people seek my help with the idea that one or more of the above statements is true for them. Where do they get that idea? From somebody they trust and whom they believe has more insight than they do into the Spiritual and/or Metaphysical Arts and Sciences.
 What do I find? These things are rarely (if ever) true… and in the rare instance there might be substance to one of the above statement… the practitioner doesn’t have the skill, knowledge, or experience to alleviate the issue safely. Even worse – the inability to recognize when they are working beyond their scope and should be referring the client out to a different professional for help.
Look, we aren’t born with Bad Energy. We develop it from experiences that leave us feeling alone, helpless, or victimized.
  1. Karma is your PRESENT action, not the result of a previous action and most certainly not your punishment. Karma is about looking forward, not backward.
  2. Curses and Evil Spirits? Well, yeah… it can happen – but you’re taking a 1% truth and applying it to a 99% understanding. That’s incredibly inaccurate. Usually, folks just need good “calibration” and some education to realize they’re not part of that 1%. For those who are… we’ll have that conversation privately.
  3. Finally, black auras. What is black? It’s a combination of all colors in the spectrum. How does one see black? Well, if you’re not fully in state to see the full spectrum of colors, it will present as dark, black, hazy, etc. Going straight to negative ideas about what “black” means in an aura is premature and dramatic in my experiences. It’s just not necessary to go there without getting a “full picture” of what’s going on.
Further, carelessly reinforcing these types of belief systems to an individual seeking your help and who might perceive themselves as less knowledgeable than you is irresponsible – especially if they are vulnerable or in a state of desperation.
 We are Healers at 460’s Journal. We work in depth with the entire Human Energy System and the Subconscious on a Spiritual/Metaphysical level.
 IN TRUTH, every single one of us is a Healer. What I do is help people not only recognize that within themselves, but get them to a point with our work in which they can maintain their own health without becoming dependent on us.
Whether the affliction is a physical injury, disease, anxiety driven, or a mental health issue – you have the ability to control your health and experience life in a wonderful way. This is what we want you to understand.
If you are:
  • interested in working with me personally on any health and wellness related issue
  • seeking to alleviate symptoms in order to live a more comfortable or active life
  • willing to learn in order to empower yourself
I invite you to book a free phone consult through our website or contact me directly to start a conversation.
Thank you for sharing this time with me,

~Mel LLeras, C.Ht.