We come from the stars. Mel LLeras, C.Ht.

We come from the stars.  You hear us at 460’s Journal say that a lot. We say it because it’s true. It’s our celestial ancestral roots, if you will. For Mel & myself, it drives our memories, our actions, our gifts & our love. I’ve heard people often repeat a saying of, “Ground yourself to the Earth,…imagine roots growing out of the bottom of your feet into the soil…” But, for those of us with a stronger pull to the infinite sky, it’s often more discombobulating than comforting to do this specific exercise. Rather, we ground to the stars. Maybe you feel that same pull, too…the familiarity of the stars, the enjoyment of astral trips through them? If so, you are not alone (see what i did there?? *smirk*)

We come from the stars.
Mel LLeras, C.Ht.