Take time for a breath every morning. Mel LLeras, C.Ht.

We hear this all the time. We hear that it can help calm us, relax us, and reduce anxiety… but for many these words have no meaning. If they did, the first few waking minutes would be spent simply having awareness for our breath and checking in that our full consciousness has returned to align with our physical body from any dream state.

The scope of which our breath affects our daily function, our comfort level, our clarity of mind, and our ability to cope and heal should not be undervalued. It is because our breath is directly connected to our white aura which in turn is directly connected to each of our various types of Qi.

In our impatience to “move to the next step”, breath is the most often neglected, though it IS the foundation of all energy work. In physical form, our breath is life. In death, our breath is the tunnel through which we safely transition from this body to the next.

Breath awareness is the simplest activity to execute, yet one of the most difficult to master. Even through decades of daily practice, a wise person understands that the role of breath is far more expansive than we can comprehend in the limited consciousness of the physical world… and so does not take it for granted that they no longer need to practice breath awareness.

Take time for a breath every morning.
Mel LLeras, C.Ht.