PAUSE and Notice the Magick Around You

Pause and notice the magick around you. Mel LLeras, C.Ht.

From our Guides Robert & 460: “Magick is all around you if you pay attention to it. So many coincidences, miracles & unexplainable events that get brushed aside are often unseen Magick occurring.”

Once I had a set of 4 drinking glasses that I really liked – amber colored with a cracked-glass appearance and the perfect grip width for my palm to hold them. I had a roommate that accidentally broke one. It happens.  I wasn’t upset but it was completely broken and thrown out. I did miss it, but was unable to find the same style to replace it. Time passed. A couple years down the road and I no longer had the roommate and had got married to Mel and we moved in together. I remember one night Mel and I having a discussion about Magick, my beliefs being broadened, but still hesitant about this area I didn’t feel I’d had much experience with outside of my psychic stuff. Open, but still questioning it. The next day, I notice the 3 amber colored cups with the cracked-glass appearance in the cupboard were now a complete set of 4 again! It was baffling to me, what people say as “it blew my mind!” But, it happened and I got a very literal, ‘in your face’ proof of Magick that our Guides clearly thought I needed. And, I got a lecture about how they shouldn’t have had to work so hard to prove something to me. Magick occurs big and small, try not to miss it.

Pause and notice the magick around you.
Mel LLeras, C.Ht.