Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt. Unknown

When we talk about inhaling confidence and exhaling doubt (or any other set of intentions) we are engaging the natural white aura that exists within and around our physical bodies.

For any who practice any of the meditative Sciences or Arts such as yoga, mindfulness, Qigong, etc., you may have been taught to visualize or imagine a white light surrounding you in protection.

This white light is an actual measurable energy field that serves two main purposes from what we are able to confirm in the science oriented community.

The first, which most meditation practitioners are fully aware of and talk about to their students, is the function of protection. Like the breath, which serves its purpose automatically and without conscious direction, the white light also automatically offers protection against influence from outside energy bodies. It does not matter whether the influence is positive or negative. Also like the breath, we can consciously override the automatic function and create increased engagement and direction. In fact, the breath is directly connected to this white aura.

The second, is regeneration or healing. The ability to strengthen the conscious connection between breath and white aura allows a person greater benefit in coping and recovery from mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual trauma.

Since it has been shown that intention is energy, we are literally engaging and disengaging intention from our energy fields

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.