I believe in influencing change.  I don't believe in forcing my judgement on others. Catherine LLeras

When I do my work as a Psychic, having no judgement is easy, because I enter what I call “Neutral Space”. This allows me to pass on messages w/out my own biases infiltrating them. Maybe think of it like reading aloud from a random page in a manual that means nothing to you… they’re just words for someone else to attribute meaning and emotions to. I like saying it like that, it’s someone else’s life manual, not mine.

When I’m not in the “Neutral Space” of Readings, I get to maneuver the human qualities of emotions & judgement, just like everyone else – Yay! haha. For me, I’ve found this works best coming at it from a positive approach. You’ll find that when people ask me about Metaphysical points, I often say, “In my experience….” The reason I say that is because I’m acknowledging that I don’t know everything and what may resonate as truth for me, may not resonate as truth for another… OR… it may simply be a small piece of a larger picture (there was a period of 6months that my Guide, Robert, made me begin every single Reading with the words, “I know nothing.”….how’s that for a gentle Universal nudge??!LOL). And the best way I can think to honor this state of being is to realize this info and acknowledge the space of others and the wonderful, unique gifts and perspectives they bring to the world, regardless of whether I understand it in the moment

I believe in influencing change.  I don’t believe in forcing my judgement on others.
Catherine LLeras