Living at a Higher Vibration

Do not confuse "Living at a Higher Vibration" with "Living in Harmony with Spirit and the Divine." Mel LLeras, C.Ht.

All this talk about achieving a higher vibration… many people forget (or perhaps aren’t taught/don’t realize) that lifeexistencebeing… is a spectrum that functions at its best when in harmony with inner and surrounding energies.

The common misconception is that high vibration = good while low vibration = bad. Think of it like the keys on a piano. You don’t just play the high notes. Its a combination of the range of keys that create harmony. In fact, harmony can ONLY be created with both low and high notes.  Energy frequency works the same way.

Remember, a symphony is not a symphony with a single instrument. Nor is a song a song with a single note.

Do not confuse “Living at a Higher Vibration” with “Living in Harmony with Spirit and the Divine.”
Mel LLeras, C.Ht.